ISO Lead Auditor Training in Ghana

provides a powerful way through which candidates gets a chance to flourish a proficient knowledge in auditing and surveying Management Systems. The training not only keeps one updated with the latest technologies of business standards, but also plays a vital role in making participants learn audit principles and procedures.

ISO Lead Auditor Training Program in Ghana includes all the practices which carry out audits in compliance with ISO 9001. The course generates the needed skills and art to manage audit program by applying recognized techniques and processes.


EAS delivers the most important values to its candidates through its various certification trainings. This ISO Lead Auditor training is empowered by the world’s in digamous and largest Accreditation Body- International Register of Certificated Auditors (IRCA), which approves Training Organizations as TRAINING PARTNERS (EAS is on such Training partner) and provides ISO Lead auditor Training courses through Training Partners certifies more than 15,000 auditors in over 150 countries and also maintains a Registry of Auditors for the benefits of the Auditors and Organizations. IRCA ISO Lead Auditor course in Ghana prepares and nurtures participants to lead in the field of Auditors of Management System.


The ISO 9001 Certification is a process by which organization can prove its management system to a neutral third party auditing firm, who verifies the organiation’s management system through various stages of audit and provides certification. This certification helps the organization to claim to its customer as a proof of Management system is being practiced and followed. To know about the certification for the organization, kindly send your query through CONTACT US page. Our staff will contact you and explain either phone or will meet and assess at free of cost in your premises including the methodology, cost and timeframe.

This ISO 9001 Certification Training commemorates highly qualified experts who are ready to serve participants the best of industry practices. With the vast experience and expertise, they provide the rich content and case studies to the trainees.  The course contains planning, conducting and managing the audits with required concepts of ISO 9001.


Out of several Lead auditor courses that EAS offers, The most popular is QMS –Quality Management System. The second most popular and widely practiced standard is Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) courses. EAS courses are comprehensive and impart capability to perform internal and external audits of OHS management systems. This course signifies the reason of business and societal benefits in order to enhance the performance and quality of the existing OHS.

Learners get to know the role of auditor in planning, conducting and reporting an OHS management system. The course also establishes the appropriate conformity with ISO series of standards.
It helps one to achieve recognition for one’s health and safety and provides process safety understanding of recognized industry practices through measures in safety responsibilities.


Starting from a beginner’s level, the ISO certification course in Ghana aims to plant a favorable growth in participants so as to make them achieve the best grades in quality auditing and in integration of business standards. The training includes the methods of risk management, quality management and high level structure management of the organization.

Core involvement of the tutors makes it even more interesting and worth useful to draw the fullest advantage of being a professional. The benefits of this certification course contains evaluation of processes, detection of problems quickly, solutions improvement, better understanding of customer needs, better communication, better perception of company and improved participation of employees.

Being a leader in the training market, EAS delivers the most effective learning programs for the trainees to gain development in the desired field and exhibit effective command in the same.
So come and join the latest trending course in Ghana to attain a knowledge that makes one unique and lets one stand out of the existing crowd.

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