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Are you looking for the best institute for lead auditor course in India? Then you have come to the right place! This blog will provide you with an overview of institutes in India that provide ISO lead auditor courses

To begin with, there are several institutes, training divisions of popular certification bodies, and franchisees who are channel partners of training Institutes that deliver lead auditor courses in India. ISO lead auditor courses in India is delivered by Institutes with International Accreditation such as IRCA (International Registrar of Certificated Auditors) and Exemplar Global. Institutions that have accreditation are more credible and grant certificates that are internationally renowned.

How Can I Become a Lead Auditor in India?

Whether you are a mid-level or highly experienced top management executive, you may aspire to become a lead auditor and be on the lookout for the Best Institute for Lead Auditor Course in India. To become a Lead Auditor, you have to undertake and successfully complete a 5-day (40 hours) course for any schemes such as QMS, EME, OHSMS, ISMS, FSMS, etc.

Which ISO Certification Course is Best?

ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 are generic standards which can be taken by any individual irrespective of their qualification or experience. In contrast, some schemes, such as FSMS and ISMS are specialized in the field of Food Safety and Information Security respectively, and can only be availed by personnel who have educational qualification or experience in the relevant fields. Thus, the ISO lead auditor course you choose should depend on your field of expertise.

best institute for lead auditor course in india

How to Identify the Best Institute for Lead Auditor Course in India?

There are several factors to identify the Best Institute for Lead Auditor Course in India, as in some cases, even a well-known certification body may not be good in delivery of a specific scheme in certain parts of India. The following are the factors to evaluate the Best Institute for Lead Auditor Course in India:

  • Organization’s reputation: You need to check the history, nature of courses offered, and certification body or entity that operates the institute.
  • Accreditation of the Course: The ISO Lead Auditor course is popular and widely accepted if the course is accredited through IRCA or Exemplar Global.
  • Number of Trained Auditors: In this regard, you should enquire about the number of Certified Auditors from the Institute. A good training institute will have a vast pool of experience in delivering these lead auditor courses for both experienced professionals and mid-level executives.
  • Trainer’s Capability: Training is an art. It requires a passion to perform the role. You need to identify if your trainer is sound in knowledge and has practical experience either in a certification body or relevant industry.
  • Course Materials: The best training comes with attractive, colorful course materials that are easy to read, understand and implement. Different courses have different requirements on course contents, study material quality, layout of the books, etc.
  • Quality of Training: Some of the points to note in terms of quality is the institute’s professionalism in delivering and teaching, easily understandable course materials, spending quality time in exercises and group discussions, clarification of all doubts, conduct of examination and delivery of results on time. These points should be clarified before you register for the course.
  • Capability of Training Institute in Organizing Courses: Whether it’s a traditional classroom training, or tutor-led training online, the training institute should have full control in organizing and delivering the course.
  • Flexible and Reasonable Fees: Training institutes should also charge flexible and reasonable fees to the delegates.

Top 5 Best Institutes for Lead Auditor Course in India:

  1. DNV
  2. Bureau Veritas
  3. BSI
  4. Empowering Assurance Systems
  5. TUV

This ranking is based on the number of trainings conducted, number of schemes, and online training capability.

How to Identify and Avoid Spurious Institutions

  • Be alert of cheap training institutes or any institute which provides certificates or promise to issue certificates without delivering the full course properly. These institutes may not provide quality training, which will make it very difficult for candidates to apply effective auditing skills in their respective jobs.
  • Beware of some training Institutes that were penalized by the accreditation body for not adhering to the quality requirements. Always verify the training institute’s accreditation by visiting the accreditation body’s website.
  • Generally, a direct training body is better than a franchisee because the latter focuses on short term benefits and may end up exploiting you.

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