About the EMS Lead Auditor Course in Chennai

Empowering Assurance Systems Pvt. Ltd. provides ISO 14001 Lead Auditor Training in Chennai for individuals interested in conducting third-party audits of an environmental management system (EMS). The IRCA accreditation of this EMS lead auditor training in Chennai ensures that it is widely recognized. The ISO 14001 Lead Auditor course is meant to cover ISO 14001 interpretation from an auditing standpoint as well as third-party ISO 14001 auditing concepts. Additionally, the course is designed by field specialists with extensive knowledge and expertise of the standard’s requirements as well as the practical challenges of performing a third-party audit.

About IRCA

The International Register of Certificated Auditors (IRCA) was founded in 1984 and is the world’s first and biggest international certification authority for management system auditors. Employers throughout the world prefer IRCA certified auditors because they have the highest levels of training and expertise, and also IRCA auditors earn more than non-IRCA auditors on average.

What does this Course Cover?

  • About EMS
  • Review of ISO 14001 requirements
  • Fundamentals of audits
  • Auditor roles, responsibilities, knowledge, and skills
  • EMS Audit – overview
  • Planning the EMS audit
  • Performing the audit
  • Reporting and following up on an audit

ems lead auditor course in chennaiAdvantages of Enrolling in an EMS Lead Auditor Course in Chennai

  • Firstly, candidates get an internationally renowned IRCA accredited certificate for lifetime validity.
  • Secondly, on the CQI-IRCA website, you will have the opportunity to register once you complete the course successfully. Many organizations search for registered CQI auditors for conducting audits, so being a registered IRCA auditor significantly enhances job opportunities.
  • Ability to join a certification body to perform third-party audits of ISO 14001.

The Delivery Method of EMS Lead Auditor Course in Chennai

ISO 14001 Lead Auditor courses in Chennai are conducted as a full-time course, for 5 days (40 hrs.) as a public open program.

The EMS lead auditor course in Chennai is delivered through 3 modes:

  • In-House Training Program – If the number of participants is more than six from a single organization, we may conduct the ISO 14001 Lead Auditor course in the organization’s facility itself, exclusively for its employees.
  • Classroom Training – In this training mode, the course will be conducted in a classroom, and lecture sessions will be carried out by experienced lead auditors.
  • Tutor-led virtual classrooms – In this online classroom model, the course will be taken through Zoom Meetings. A live training session will be carried out by one of our highly experienced trainers.

EAS also offers the opportunity for individuals to register for our weekend batch. This schedule is useful for working professionals who may not have the time to take a course during the weekdays due to their busy work schedule.

Who Can Take this Course?

  • EMS officers and managers
  • Internal auditors for EMS
  • Consultants and experts in management systems
  • Personnel in charge of updating legal requirements relating to the environment
  • Anyone interested in learning more about the environmental management system

Procedure for Enrolling in An EMS Lead Auditor Course in Chennai

  • First and foremost, find a schedule that works for you by going to this link and taking a look at the current schedule for ISO 14001 Lead Auditor Courses in Chennai.
  • Fill out the application form and email it to us at [email protected].
  • Complete the payment in the online portal.
  • If you’d like to learn more about the course, please contact our training coordinator.

Skills Gained from an EMS Lead Auditor Course in Chennai Through EAS

  • Arranging Audit and agenda advancement
  • Performing the audit, including talking with, following Audit trails, process and procedural evaluating
  • Audit report composing and input strategies
  • Following up on non-conformities and suggesting corrective actions to ensure ISO 14001 standard is implemented properly
  • Leading an Audit group

 Why Choose EAS for ISO 14001 Certification Training in Chennai?

This course meets the qualifications for anyone interested in participating in an EMS Auditor Scheme evaluation. Because the IRCA is the world’s topmost authority on executive frameworks and reviewing courses, virtually any company anywhere in the world will recognize your achievement.

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