ISO 14001 registration by Empowering Assurance Systems (EAS) will improve your organization’s profit through improved environmental performance.

A well designed EMS (Environmental Management System) is a device which enables an organization to succeed and controls its level of environmental performances.

Improved productivity and efficient use of resources can be achieved through ISO 14001 registration.

ISO 14001 standards were developed in conformity with the guides and directives that governs the ISO process standard. The process of conformity assessment i.e. registration are influenced by host of domestic and international agreement.

The requirement of unremitting improvement in environmental management system energies more productive use of all inputs and this includes raw materials, energy, labor etc.


  • Reduced energy consumption and material storage cost.
  • Raw materials can be hoarded through recycling of by-products and waste, substitution and complete input processing.
  • Reduced insurance rates, enforcement fines and insurance rates.
  • Reduced cost for emissions, waste handling, transport and discharges.
  • Increased process yields.
  • EMS tracking measurable through regular plan-do-check-review methods.
  • Improve your corporate image among customers as a proof of social responsibility and improved employee morale.

Seems like you are interested?

Just inscribe your ISO 14001 registration with EAS and flourish as a successful organization.