CQI | IRCA  Certified training Course :1881

The aim of ISO 45001:2018 Lead Auditor Training course is to provide students with the knowledge and skills required to perform first, second and third-party audits of Occupational Health and Safety Management System against ISO 45001:2018, all references to ISO standards are to the current versions.

CQI IRCA certified ISO 45001:2018 Lead Auditor Training

Course Content: ISO 45001:2018 Lead Auditor Training

  • Module 1: Overview of  OHSMS
  • Module 2: Review of ISO 45001 requirements
  • Module 3: Fundamentals of audits
  • Module 4: Auditor roles, responsibilities, knowledge and skills
  • Module 5: OHSMS Audit – overview
  • Module 6: Planning the OHSMS audit
  • Module 7: Performing the audit
  • Module 8: Reporting and following up an audit


  • 5 day training
  • Continuous assessment & examination
  • Benefits you & organization


Course is delivered by trainers who are highly experienced as Real time auditor(s)

Month Date Location
August-2018 13 to 17 Pune
August-2018 23 to 27 Chennai
August-2018 22 to 26 Bangalore
September-2018 10 to 14 Mumbai
September-2018 24 to 28 Gurgaon
September-2018 25 to 29 Chennai
September-2018 26 to 30 Baroda
October-2018 02 to 06 Pune
November-2018 15 to 19 Chennai
December-2018 03 to 07 Ahmedabad
December-2018 10 to 14 Mumbai
December-2018 17 to 21 Gurgaon
Month Planned From Planned To Location
July-2018 21,22nd 27th,28th,29th Malaysia
July-2018 21,22nd  27th,28th,29th Singapore
July-2018 20,21nd 27th,28th,29th Indonesia
August-2018 11th 15th Malaysia
August-2018 11th 15th Singapore
August-2018 10th 14th Indonesia
August-2018 10th 14th Dubai
September-2018 14th,15th,16th 22nd and 23rd Malaysia
September-2018 14th,15th,16th 22nd and 23rd Singapore
September-2018 14th,15th,16th 22nd and 23rd Indonesia
October-2018 6th 10th Malaysia
October-2018 6th 10th Singapore
October-2018 6th 10th Indonesia
November-2018 17th,18th 23rd,24th,25th Malaysia
November-2018 17th,18th 23rd,24th,25th Singapore
November-2018 16th,17th 23rd,24th,25th Indonesia
November-2018 15th 19th Abudhabi
December-2018 8th 12th Malaysia
December-2018 4th 18th Singapore
December-2018 14th 18th Indonesia