Empowering Assurance Systems (EAS) provides fast, economical and effective ISO 9001 certification in India.

EAS is one of the leading ISO certifying organizations and have many satisfied clients in India.

We offer a wide range of consulting services led towards serving all types of organizations to achieve certification, competitiveness and compliance to international standards.

EAS provides ISO 9001 certification training, implementation and consulting services in the all metropolises of India.

EAS aims to guide various business organizations to plan, implement and advance their structure based on ISO 9001 standards.

ISO 9001 is a Quality Management System (QMS) certification that enables your organization to demonstrate your assurance to quality and customer satisfaction.

EAS encompasses the five clauses of ISO 9001 standard like quality management system, management responsibility, resources management, product realization and measurement/analysis improvement.


  • Improved documented processes, products and services
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Cost saving
  • Minimizes waste and increases efficiency and productivity
  • Reduced duplication of inspections
  • Improve your corporate image among stakeholders and customers

EAS always surpasses the expectancy of our esteemed customers with our value added services of ISO 9001 certification in India. So, join our list of customers and meet your business demands with our certification services.