ISO Lead Auditor Job opportunities

The lead auditor is the highest level of ISO quality management. These auditors are not accountants; they address issues that deal with process-based audits. 

After getting ISO auditor qualification, we see many auditor job openings There are two types of lead auditor jobs. The first is being employed in Certification Body and the other as ISO lead Auditor in Companies.

1) ISO lead Auditor in a Certification Body (CB): 

ISO Auditors are employed as full-time auditors to conduct audits as a third party representing the CB. This is a highly demanding skills-oriented Job. More team 

Lead Auditor Job opportunities in CB: As the market is growing with more certification bodies have emerged which has created a huge demand for ISO lead Auditors, Senior Auditors in Certification bodies. Further, ISO organization is releasing more and more standards, wherein Auditors for such standards are in high demand in the certification bodies. 

Lead Auditor Responsibility in CB:

  • ISO lead Auditor receives and reviews the application of the clients applied for certification. 
  • Plans for the Audit and coordinates with the client and his own audit team.
  • Conducting opening meetings, manage audits, and completing the reports.
  • Recommending the CB on issuing the certificate to the clients. 
  • Responding as Auditee to the Accreditation body audits.
  • Training the Junior auditors to meet the requirements of CB, accreditation body, and ISO auditing guidelines.

Lead Auditor Salary in CB:

The salary ranges from Junior auditor to lead Auditor and is based on the number of sectors the auditor is qualified for. A lead Auditor gets an average salary of $90000 to $1,50,000 per year.

2) ISO Lead Auditor in Companies:

The Leading companies are looking for Lead Auditors after completing their course. They are expected to maintain the Management System of the company. They pay huge salaries as compare to other auditors and the jobs are more secure in a good company.

Such a position is employed in an organization that obtains ISO Certification. This position is also called ‘ISO Management Reprentative’, ISO MR-Coordinator, Food Safety Officer, Safety Officer, Information Security officer as per the schemes such as ISO 9001, ISO 22000, ISO 45001, ISO 27001 respectively.

The coordinator’s main responsibility is to lead a group that will review all aspects of our products for compliance in order to gain and maintain their producer status by abiding fully with Management System standards. 

As a lead auditor, one gains better insight on how to find problems within an organizational structure and improve it in order to help companies grow more efficiently.

Lead Auditor Salary in Companies: An ISO lead auditor’s salary is highly competitive as this person has a wide experience and knowledge about auditing. A lead auditor gets an average salary of $77000-$90000 per year in any industry.  

Lead Auditor Job Description: The responsibilities and duties of Lead Auditor are as below: 

  • Setting objectives in consultation with management 
  • Plan audit programs in accordance with the budget allocated by management on regular basis. Ensure that audit programs are of high quality
  • Conducts internal audits of an organization to check if the auditing process is being followed correctly and efficiently. 
  • Classify audits according to their importance and urgency. Identify the audit of the materiality and control risks.
  • Cooperate with other auditors and colleagues for smooth operation. 
  • Oversee and monitor the performance of under auditors assigned by management. Make sure that all the audit processes are being performed smoothly and efficiently. 
  • Attend meetings, conferences, and seminars 
  • Serve as a liaison between customers and management team 6)Perform internal audits 
  • Validate all audit standards with management to make sure that they are meeting ISO standards. 
  • Manage the responsibilities assigned by upper-level management. Serve as a liaison between an organization and its clients.
  • Establish business relations with external clients 
  • Attend discussions, seminars, conferences etc on ISO standards. 
  • Make sure that all the staff members in an organization are following the auditing procedure correctly and efficiently. 
  • Conducts a post-audit check to make sure that no errors are being missed out. 
  • Develop new ways for better functioning of the organization with co-workers, upper management, and clients.
  • Accomplishes audit tasks on time according to ISO standard requirements.
  • Maintain good relations with clients and co-workers in order to ensure the smooth operation of the company. 
  • Keep management informed about any problems or other issues related to audits.

Difficulties in the Job as ISO Lead Auditor.

The job nature is highly demanding. Auditors may have to interact with Top management, business heads, and vendors and convey the system requirements to convince them. 

Dealing with external CB in closing the Non-Conformities, where the organization is extending little support with resourses. 

Hectic traveling may be part of the job.

More pressure on completing the reports of the clients may be tedious and time-consuming.

As standards evolve, you need to be prepared for changes. The new revisions will add pressure to your current work.

Where to apply for Lead Auditor jobs

CB’s and Companies search their ISO Lead Auditor job positing in the placement portals. You can also shoot your mail to certification bodies and companies asking for any recruitment.

How to get Qualified for ISO Lead Auditor

With a degree Qualification, every aspirant should gain some relevant experience say 3-5 years in the domain with will give an added advantage. Most Certification bodies, keep 5 years of work experience as a minimum criterion to join as an auditor. 

Completing IRCA lead Auditor courses is a requirement. Nowadays auditors with multiple schemes Qualification gain an advantage and lead. Identify the common standards applicable to you such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 along with your sector-specific schemes. 

Once you gain a qualification, you are also registered on the IRCA website, which will help companies to contact you based on their requirement.

Need more info on ISO Lead Auditor Job. Email: [email protected] 

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