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EAS has long history for more than 2 decades in conducting ISO trainings.  ISO training qualifies and provides the necessary competence to become an auditor to audit the business processes and recommend companies and institutions for certification.

Advantage of taking training through EAS.

  • Course designed by ISO Team Leaders with 20 years of experience.
  • All concepts explained through Exercises and Activities.
  • Varied Examples to suit people from all most all sectors.
  • Very high success rate.
  • Providing results within 15 days.
  • Highly reasonable price.
  • Having maximum schemes accredited and delivered through Online as well.
  • Providing examination also through online.

EAS performs the following ISO Training

  1. Lead Auditor Class room Training. (IRCA accredited)
  2. Lead Auditor Online (Virtual Classes) (IRCA accredited.
  3. Internal Auditor Class room Training.
  4. Internal Auditor Virtual Classes
  5. Internal Auditor Self Learning.
  6. Foundation /Awareness Class room Training
  7. Foundation / Awareness Self Learning

Lead Auditor Training

  • Lead Auditor class room Training.

Lead Auditor qualification is considered as the highest level of training to gain competence to plan and conduct a third party (Generally from Certification body to client)

This is a conventional method of conducting training in a class for a period of 5 days. EAS conducts such public training programmes for various ISO standards. Most of EAS courses are accredited by IRCA(International Registrar for Certificated Auditors).

EAS also conducts such IRCA accredited courses specific to any organization’s employee as an ‘In-house Programme’. Such programmes have got unique advantage of customized schedule without disturbing the organization work schedule.

Some of the frequent such ISO Lead Auditor training includes QMS, EMS, OHSMS, FSMS, ISMS, BCMS, ISO 17025, ISO 13485 etc.,

  • Online Virtual Class room Training.

The same Lead Auditor course is also delivered through Online virtual classes, which is conducted for 5 days followed by online examination. Check more about online training.

 Internal Auditor Training

  • Internal Auditor Class room Training.

EAS conducts this Internal Auditor Training in classroom mode through an expert Tutors for the duration of 1.5 -2 days. This course is conducted as ‘open training’ as per our schedule and also through ‘in-house’ training.

  • Internal Auditor Virtual Classes

EAS also conducts online Internal Auditor training through Virtual class as per the schedule. Classes will be handled  an experienced tutor.

  • Internal Auditor Self Learning.

This service is for those who have capability and confidence to read and develop their confidence on their own. EAS Training coordinator will assist you in clearing the doubts. Candidate can download standard copies, course materials, etc. Exercises and Activities are designed to ‘practice’. Slides and explanation is provided for each clause. Auditing perspectives is covered for all clauses. Online examination is conducted. Maximum access of 30 days provided.

Foundation /Awareness Training

  • Foundation /Awareness Class room Training

Foundation training is provided to create awareness about any ISO standard, its concepts, methods of implantation. Generally duration is 4-6 hours.

  • Foundation / Awareness Self Learning

EAS also provides this kind of Awareness courses through ‘self learning’. Slides and explanation is provided for each clause about the concepts and implementation of the standard.

In other words, you needn’t take up the training regularly to renew your qualification as an auditor. Only when ISO changes the standards or policies, you will have to attend another training course and until then you can keep practicing with the one training you took up from EAS.

All the training sessions are conducted by auditors who are well experienced in auditing and certifying companies in various fields. Hence, you get the right knowledge during your training at EAS. It also helps you get valuable and clear insights of your role as an auditor. Already excited? Call us today to learn more about the training.

Our friendly training team will assist you and answer any questions you may have.