CQI | IRCA  Certified training Course  

ISO 22301:2012 Lead Auditor Training course aims to provide delegates with the knowledge and skills required to perform first, second and third-party audits of Business Continuity Management Systems against ISO 22301in accordance with ISO 19011 and ISO/IEC 17021, as applicable.

Who should attend ISO 22301:2012 Lead Auditor Training?ISO 22301:2012 Lead Auditor Training

ISO 22301:2012 Lead Auditor Training course is for people within the organization from the level of CEOs, Business Heads, Operational Heads and those with auditing experience of other management systems or BCM professionals who are desirous to add auditing of BCMS to their portfolio of skills.

What prior knowledge should one have?

It is recommended that delegates have the following prior knowledge:

  • Knowledge of the requirements of ISO 22301
  • Knowledge of the following business continuity management principles and concepts:
    • The purpose and benefits of a business impact analysis
    • The principals of risk assessment and analysis
    • Typical business continuity strategies
    • Business continuity response options
    • BCMS performance metrics, monitoring and performance measurement
    • Exercise and testing methodologies

Course Content: ISO 22301:2012 Lead Auditor Training

Module 1: Overview of  BCMS

Module 2: Review of ISO 22301 requirements

Module 3: Auditing basics

Module 4: Auditor roles, responsibilities, knowledge and skills

Module 5: BCMS Audit – overview

Module 6: Planning the BCMS audit

Module 7: Performing the audit

Module 8: Reporting and following up an audit


5 day training (Min 40 hours)

Continuous assessment & examination

Benefits you & organization


Course is delivered by trainers who are highly experienced as Real time auditors

Month Date Location
March-2018 24 – 28 Chennai
April-2018 21-25 Bangaluru
June-2018 06-10 Chennai
Month Planned From Planned To Location
July-2018 14th,15th  20,21,22 Malaysia
July-2018 14th,15th  20,21,22 Singapore
July-2018 27th  31st Indonesia
August-2018 4th,5th  10th,11th12th Malaysia
August-2018 22nd 26th Singapore
August-2018 24th  28th Indonesia 
September-2018 13th 17th Malaysia
September-2018 28th 2nd OCT Singapore
September-2018 21st 25th Indonesia
October-2018 26th 30th Malaysia
October-2018 26th 30th Singapore
October-2018 26th 30th Indonesia
October-2018 05th 09th Dubai
December-2018 7th,8th,9th 15th ,16th Malaysia
December-2018 7th,8th,9th 15th ,16th Singapore
December-2018 7th,8th,9th 14th ,15th Indonesia
December-2018 14th 18th Abudhabi