EAS certifies HALAL for any food products, process or items permissible as per Islamic law. Which means any food product  manufactured, processed, stored and transported as per the sharia law and not adulterated with any product or ingredients and (or) manufacturing practices which are not against the Islamic sharia law.

Halal applies to all food products including vegetarian and non vegetarian foods. For Non-vegetarian, more specific HALAL  requirements applies from slaughtering, processing, packing and storing etc.,

The HALAL certification can be carried out in

  • Individual products can be certified, meaning the production process and ingredients in that particular product are halal.
  • Production facilities can be certified, so that any products produced according to the certification standards can claim to be halal.
  • Retail premises can also be certified so that all food prepared and sold from that business is halal. Ex: Hotels, restaurants, canteens etc.,
  • Imported, exported or re-exported products can also be certified
  • Storage facilities, including cold storage can be certified
  • Slaughter Houses or poultry Abattoirs can be certified for halal


  • Meeting International Halal customer requirements
  • Gaining market share in Muslim countries
  • Improved Hygienic practices in the food production and maintenance

To know more about this certification cost, timeframe and the procedure….call our customer care and have a detailed discussion in the following number 9962590571 or send an email to info@easiso.com