Empowering Assurance System’s (EAS) RoHS program assists organizations to minimize their financial and administrative problem of compliance.

RoHS certification by EAS validates your commitment to excellence and achieving consistent production.

RoHS aims to restrict certain hazardous substance frequently used in electronic and electronic components.

RoHS certification is a self-determining verification of your compliance to the quality standards.

On successful completion, EAS will offer you with your certificate for the certified products.

The certification process by EAS mainly includes reviewing technical documentation of your organization, assessment of your requirements and independent review of your industry assessment and sample testing.


  • An environmentally positive outline to present to consumers and end-users
  • An easier approach to display your compliance to your producers
  • Reduced threat of being exposed to market surveillance
  • Cost and time saving thus reducing the client’s overall workload
  • Assurance that products and add-on documentation has been individualistically reviewed and certified by a veteran third party
  • A confidential third-party partnership in RoHS self-declaration

Partner with EAS, to get assured that you will relish the best service ever available.

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