Empowering Assurance System’s (EAS) Six Sigma based certification services incorporate statistical and metric concepts for problem solving in business processes.

EAS six sigma certification program provides chance to build early competency that helps persons take vital organizational judgements using analytic skills.

Six Sigma is a system to advance business processes by using statistical analysis rather than presumption.

The benefits of implementing Six Sigma in your business are reduced process variations, increase productivity and exceed customer expectations.

EAS guide your organization in the following way:

  • To understand the organization’s principles and requirements
  • To provide sponsors and champions training
  • To provide Master Black belt training
  • To provide Black belt, Yellow belt and Green belt training
  • To facilitate project selections
  • Lean Six Sigma Appreciation training
  • To assess the project progress

Sis Sigma has been implemented in all industries to accomplish soft and hard money savings in the process of customer satisfaction.

The belt colour defines the level of proficiency in Six Sigma tools and skills.

EAS is at the head of all Six Sigma consulting and certification services.

We support organizations with all facets of the implementation process from training to certifying at different belt levels.

Are you interested in knowing more about Six Sigma and its certification process?

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