Empowering Assurance System (EAS) certification on Underwriter’s Laboratories (UL) is one of the leading product certification in the world.

UL certification adds self-reliance to supply chain integrity by reviewing activities and conducting component testing while the components are manufactured.

This evaluation is performed by EAS, a highly reputable certifying organization, to provide autonomous accreditation regarding the safety of products.

Once UL certification is implemented by EAS to an organization, the system constantly works in helping to accomplish quality ends and continual enhancement in processes and procedures.

The initial certification and product certification are performed on an as-necessary basis to give your organization a competitive edge and also to ensure quality across the board.


  • Opting for UL certification allows an organization to run more effectively and increase customer satisfaction
  • The additional benefits of EAS’s UL certification are improved communication to potential customers
  • Higher job satisfaction for employees, quality product and outstanding customer service
  • Independent authentication of the commitment to incessantly improving quality and customer fulfillment enables the business to drive sales and upsurge profit margins
  • Develop your organization to compete in overseas by assuring the customer about safety, quality and reliability of products are up to the international standards set ISO

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