Empowering Assurance System (EAS) offers organizations with independent management systems and assessment services in association with (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) HACCP certification.

HACCP certification promptly validates to customers your assurance to producing or trading in safe food.

This substantiation can be mainly beneficial when your organization is subjected to inspection by controlling authorities or stakeholders.

HACCP certification is a global standard defining the necessities for effective control of food safety.

EAS is renowned for its certification and training services in ISO standardization.

EAS experts also conduct HACCP audits and helps organization to focus on the threats that affect food safety and hygiene.

This certification by EAS also guides you to systematically identify the hazards which are setting up control bounds at critical points especially during food production process.


  • Upsurges food safety standards and quality standards
  • Integrates your process to produce safe food
  • Due diligence defence in court
  • Reduces barriers to international trade
  • Certification indicates that services are in agreement with HACCP based food safety regulations
  • Quality products yields satisfaction from both stakeholder and customer end
So, what are you waiting for?

Work with us to accomplish HACCP compliance and meet the hopes of the changing world.