Empowering Assurance System (EAS) focuses on manufacturers to produce safe and effective medical devices compliance to ISO 13485 standards.

EAS has widespread, global experience in the medical business, both in product safety testing/certification and management systems certification.

EAS, a well-recognized certification and training body with staff members of years of industry experience, works directly with regulatory and legal authorities to stay updated on the modern requirements.

With eminent medical industry expertise, EAS has brought assurance and confidence to thousands of organizations across the globe.

Our team of qualified ISO experts have implemented numerous QMS for medical device manufacturing companies.

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  • Meet regulatory requirements and exceed customer expectations.
  • Demonstrate that your products and services are safer and efficient medical devices.
  • Cut costs, increase efficiency and monitor supply chain performance.
  • Review and improve the processes in your organization.
  • Upsurge access to more markets globally with certification.

In other words, get much more than a certificate from EAS, a knowledgeable and experienced business partner, to help you meet the global requirements, uphold your brand image and avoid loss of production.

So, what are you waiting for?

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