Empowering Assurance System (EAS) provides certification and training in ISO 22000:2005 – An International Food Safety Management Standard (FSMS).

ISO 22000:2005 supplements and combines the basic elements of HACCP and ISO 9001. It also provides an effective framework for the continual improvement, development and implementation of a FSMS.

ISO 22000:2005 standard also aligns with other management processes such as ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 to enable effective system integration.

EAS offers a wide range of ISO 22000:2005 training and certification courses designed to help you accomplish one of the globally recognized quality management systems.

FSMS gives your organization a global competitive edge with ISO 22000:2005 certification and establishes a quality framework in your place. Meet your business targets with improved efficiency and cutting costs.

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BENEFITS OF ISO 22000:2005 :

  • Increases operational efficiencies and reduces operating costs
  • Continual improvement of processes and improved risk management
  • Greater traceability and consistency of product.
  • Improved stakeholder, suppliers, employee relationship and customer satisfaction.
  • Achieve regulatory and statutory requirements of legal compliance through management reviews and internal audits.
  • Proven business credentials and procures more businesses.
  • Accomplish safety, quality and legality.

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