Empowering Assurance System (EAS) assist organisation for management system’s certification to IATF 16949 .

EAS guides you to reduce the complexity in obtaining certification and overhead required to manage separate exclusive programs for individual customers.

With EAS as your certification and auditing partner, you will gain valuable skills to identify cost saving methods, make measurable improvements to the business to meet objectives.

IATF 16949 certification positions your company in the top level as a consistent and reliable manufacturer in the Automotive/Motorcycle industry.

EAS is recognized as one of the leading certification bodies across the world.

With a unique combination of local and international skilled auditors EAS provides a consistent service in the process of IATF 16949 certification.

EAS certification mark is globally recognised benchmark of your company’s on-going commitment to reliability, excellence and sustainability.


  • Improved process and product quality and reliability.
  • Greater emphasis on supplier quality enhancement efforts.
  • IEliminates the need for multiple 3rd party registrations on a geographic basis.
  • Improved on-time delivery.
  • Satisfies automotive mandates of IATF and fulfils customer’s expectation.
  • Consistent auditing performance and meet qualification requirements.
  • Gain brand image as a developed manufacturer in automotive industry.

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