What is meant by ISO certification?

ISO is a standardization body which issues and governs quality standards for businesses in different fields. Getting ISO certification for your business means that your business conforms to the international standards followed widely.

How to get my business certified?

The first step is to apply for certification to a certifying body like EAS. We will consider your application and initialize the process to get your business certified. Call us to learn more information about it.

What category of certification does my business need?

There are various certifications applicable for different types of businesses. You need to choose the one which will be applicable to your business based on the category of your business. EAS will provide you with the necessary guidance to choose the certifications applicable for your organization.

When should I apply for ISO certification?

There is no particular time when you can get certified. You can apply for it whenever you want your business to have standardized processes.

What if my business doesn’t conform to the guidelines during audit?

Usually your application will be rejected if your business doesn’t conform to the related guidelines. However, to avoid such a situation, EAS will send a team of auditors to make your processes aligned to the necessary guidelines. Hence, such a scenario is rare when you get the services of EAS.

What is ISO lead auditor training ?

Lead Auditor Training is professional, 40 hrs, and training to get qualified as Auditor in ISO field. This courses any professional to acquire knowledge of auditing ISO systems as per the requirement of ISO 19011. Lead Auditor courses are generally accredited by International Accredited bodies.

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