Integrated Management System Certification (IMS Certification)

An integrated management system in an organization is when it chooses two or more iso standards for implementation together. For Example, the organization may choose to integrate QMS, EMS, and OHSMS. In which, the organization integrates the Quality Manual with two management system standards together for implementation in the organization.

The Integrated Management System (IMS) Certification Process

External Audit for the organization will be considered as Integrated Management System and audit will be conducted one go, rather than going through each standard separately and individually.

The IMS certification process is a type of certification that assures the quality management system within an organization operates effectively and efficiently, meets external requirements, and improves overall performance. It also ensures its ability to produce quality outputs in terms of products or services for customers, as well as generating sustainable economic growth.

What is the purpose of IMS Certification?

One of the major reasons for integrating IMS standards is to reduce audit time. IMS certification reduces the audit process by at least two days as compared with traditional auditing, which consists of one or more independent audits conducted separately on each standard.

An integrated management system is a way that a company can work together. All the systems and processes will be combined into one framework, so it is easy for everyone to work together.

How is the IMS audit Conducted?

IMS Audit Application is collected and reviewed for all the combined standards applied and Stage 1 and Stage 2 audit is planned for all the standards in a go.. Common clauses of those standards will be clubbed and time reduction will be applied. The time for Stage-II audit will be reduced by a minimum of one day per standard.

On what basis IMS standards are integrated?

The IMS standards are integrated on the basis of risks involved in each process. The organization may choose to integrate QMS, EMS, and OHSMS or one IMS standard with two IMS standards together for implementation in the organization.

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Benefits of Integrated Management System Certification

  • One common quality Manual.
  • Common Internal Audit – with the integration of requirements of all standards.
  • Common Management Review Meeting.
  • Less time for the development of documentation and implementation.
  • Cost-effective as multiple Internal and external Audits are avoided.
  • Less Audit time as compare to individual management system certification.
  • Common audit report and hence effective control over the management System
  • Duplication effort reduced during implementation.

How to apply for IMS Certification?

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