What is an ISO Lead Auditor Course?

An ISO lead auditor course is a training program that teaches individuals how to audit organizations for compliance with the ISO standards. The ISO lead auditor course covers topics such as auditing principles, auditing techniques, and auditing tools and methods. The lead auditor training course also provides participants with practical experience in conducting audits.EAS is very popular for providing its IRCA approved lead auditor course for various ISO standards across the globe.

ISO Lead Auditor Course Provided by EAS

EAS offers the lead auditor training course for various ISO standards such as:

Importance of ISO Lead Auditor Course

The Lead Auditor Training Course is important because it helps business professionals to get certified and work as auditors in a variety of industries. The ISO lead auditor course imparts knowledge about the auditing principles, auditing techniques, and auditing tools used for assessing organizational compliance to ISO standards. After completing the ISO lead auditor course, participants are able to independently conduct audits for compliance with ISO standards.

Thus, the ISO lead auditor course is an important training program for professionals who wish to work as auditors for assessing organizational compliance to ISO standards. EAS provides the lead auditor course across the globe for various ISO standards.

Benefits of Taking our ISO Lead Auditor Course

By attending our lead auditor course, individuals will get the following benefits:

  • Delegate gains a competitive advantage by attending and completing the internationally recognized IRCA Lead Auditor Certification Course offered by EAS
  • Appeals to a wide variety of organizations, especially leading companies and growing businesses
  • Accreditation by an internationally recognized body helps delegates secure jobs with confidence
  • Helps to gain an edge over others in the competitive job market
  • Gain in-depth knowledge about auditing methods and procedures
  • Gain the skills to become an effective audit team leader
  • Can interact with third-party certification bodies and handle the audit planning, scheduling, conducting, and closing the audit.

Lead Auditor CourseWho Can Take an ISO Lead Auditor Course?

  • Individuals who want to become an IRCA certified lead auditor
  • Individuals who are interested to learn the requirements of the ISO standards thoroughly
  • Individuals who are involved in the implementation process of the specific ISO standards
  • Individuals who are managers, management system auditors, representatives, and quality assurance personnel

Prerequisites for taking an ISO Lead Auditor Training Course

There is no specific prerequisite for taking a lead auditor course. However, it is beneficial if candidates have some knowledge about:

  • The PDCA cycle and how it can be applied to ISO standards
  • ISO standard terms and definitions
  • Organizational knowledge of ISO standards
  • Basic auditing principles

If you do not have prior knowledge about ISO standards, but wish to learn, then you can enroll in an ISO Internal Auditor Course prior to enrolling in ISO lead auditor training.

Delivery Methods of the ISO Lead Auditor Training Course

EAS offers the ISO lead auditor course as a 5-day training program. This full-time certified lead auditor course is conducted for 5 continuous days (40 hours). A weekend schedule is also available for individuals that may not have the time to participate inISOlead auditor training during the weekdays.

  • In-House Training Program: In certain cases, if there are more than six people interested in taking our training from the same company, EAS will organize a separate schedule and conduct the training at the organization’s premises. Our seasoned instructors will carry out the lead auditor training course at specified business hours.
  • Classroom Training: In this traditional method, students will be taught at a specific location as an open ISO lead auditor training program. Students will be instructed by a qualified tutor throughout the lead auditor course, which will include activities, case studies, and group presentations.
  • Virtual Classroom Training: We also provide remote virtual classroom ISO lead auditor training sessions to candidates who wish to learn more at the comfort of their own home or workplace. This is particularly useful for individuals who are unable to travel. The course will be led by an instructor using Zoom meetings online.

Criteria for Successful Completion of ISO Lead Auditor Training

Candidates must score 70% on the final IRCA examination to achieve an ISO lead auditor course completion certificate. Find out tips on how to pass the ISO Lead Auditor Training IRCA Examination!

Why Choose EAS for the Lead Auditor Training Course?

EAS is a leading provider of thethe Lead Auditor Course and has proven its capability in developing over 200 ISO lead auditors for the past 2 decades. Our ISO lead auditor training program helps candidates to acquire the skills, knowledge, and confidence required for conducting an effective third-party ISO management system assessment.

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