Online ISO Certification by EAS

EAS’s new Online ISO Certification for Companies is now available. No audit visits are made to the company sites; audits are planned and conducted through remote video sessions. Such remote audits are approved by International Accreditation Forum (IAF)

This Online ISO certification schemes is carried out for

  • ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System QMS Online Certification
  • ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management System- EMS Online Certification
  • ISO 45001:2018 Occupational Health and Safety Management System- OHSMS Online Certification
  • ISO 22000:2018 Food Safety Management System- FSMS Online Certification,
  • ISO 27001:2013 Information Security Management System- ISMS Online Certification

The new service should be of high interest to any company with a global presence, such as multinationals with subsidiaries in various countries or organizations operating across borders.

This new Online ISO certificate is a great cost-saving for the company in terms of audit costs and the time needed to complete an audit. With this service, companies don’t have to worry about travel or auditor availability as it’s all done remotely through video sessions.

Audits procedure by EAS for Online ISO Certification

Audit Application is received Online, after the scrutiny, the audit program and audit plan are carried out and communicated through the mail. On the date of audit, Auditor connects with the client through video software and interacts with the client/auditee. The Online ISO certification has been designed with the intention of being accessible and affordable for all organizations.

  • Video Tour 
  • The client organizes a live video tour of the facilities of the organization. At the end of the tour, the auditor confirms that the client has completed all necessary steps.
  • The whole process is interactive and starts with pre-audit discussions to be carried out through phone or email.
  • Exchange of Documents and Records
  • The auditor will request additional information from time to time as needed for a deeper understanding of company policies, practices, and procedures before the start of the audit.
  • The auditor also requests and receives a copy of each document that is presented to or discussed with company personnel during the pre-audit discussions, as well as copies of all records inspected during the course of an inspection visit.
  • Post-Audit Report
  • At end of the audit, Auditor will provide a Post Audit report which contains the findings.
  • The report also contains recommendations for the client to address any non-conformities or other issues that were identified during the course of an inspection visit and a summary of audit observations and conclusions.
  • Auditors will make appropriate corrections in your reports if you provide them with accurate information about errors made by company personnel or third parties, or about other company violations of the ISO standards.
  • The report will be approved by a senior auditor and then signed off to certify that it is an accurate account of the audit process, findings, and conclusions in accordance with International Standards for Quality Assurance (ISO/IEC 17021)
  • Audit scope: The Online ISO Certification audits are conducted for all ISO standards in the scope of certification.
  • Online ISO Certification Cost: To know the cost of ISO Online Certification, kindly update the application and apply to EAS.

Benefits of Online ISO Certification

  • Online ISO Certification gain several benefits over traditional paper-based audits.
  • The Online ISO Certification offers a low-cost, 100% online certification process that is designed to be accessible and affordable for all organizations.
  • No audit visits needed – no need for travel or auditor availability as this service is completed remotely through video sessions
  • Since the remote audit, the audit is conducted as usual despite travel restrictions.
  • No risk of spreading of pandemic disease – no risk to the auditor or client. No need for company personnel present at the audit site
  • The audit schedule can be adjusted to suit clients’ needs.
  • Reduced costs and time spent on pre-audit processes, such as arranging travel and hotel accommodations in advance of an audit visit. Lower total cost since there is a significantly reduced amount of travel
  • The process is more efficient and offers the same level of assurance as traditional paper-based audits.
  • Easier to track audit progress, since all documents can easily be accessed online through the web interface.
  • There’s a reduced risk that important records will be lost or misplaced during an audit visit
  • The process is more efficient and offers the same level of assurance as traditional paper-based audits.

The ISO standard is one of the most well-recognized and accepted quality management system standards in the world. It provides a framework for organizations to design, implement, operate, monitor, and continually improve their quality management systems. There are many benefits that come with obtaining an ISO certification including increased customer confidence; improved efficiency by reducing waste and improving quality; and improved stakeholder relationships.

Continuity audit/ Surveillance Audits:

Even if your organization is already certified, the same certificate can be extended through EAS, through a remote audit.



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