ISO 9001 is also known as Quality Management System (QMS). EAS provides certification on ISO 9001:2015, third and latest version. Every activities of your organization is sequenced in process method and is preplanned before execution of processes, organization itself evaluates its system to fix the gags to improve further continually

ISO 9001 Certification

EAS simple certification process is designed in such a way that the process ensures that your organisation’s proposed system for certification, meets the minimum requirements of this international standard, Is system tailor made to suit you organisation exactly?.

EAS also ensures whether the Proposed system is efficient and effective to continually support and improve your organisation to keep your business in par or well ahead of your competitors, thus ensuring more profit to orgnaization. EAS also verifies the system’s ability to correct errors and develop further etc.,

To apply, please download the application form (iso 9001 application) and complete the form and send it back in the mail id given in the contact us page.

If you still find it difficult, call our customer care @ 9962590571 for your assistance.

You can also send your requirements through (contact us).

Benefits of ISO 9001 certification

  • Improved efficiency of the organization system.
  • Scope for continual improvement
  • Improved and consistent product quality.
  • Able to correct your errors.
  • Increased employee job satisfaction.

How much time is required for certification?

On successful completion of your contact, we commence stage 1 audit with-in a 3 days and on closure of Non conformities, if any, Stage 2 audit will be conducted in a weeks time. On successful completion, you will be awarded certificates within 7 working days.


EAS gives a transparent pricing scheme, please discuss with our customer care executive to avail the exact cost for your organization as the cost varies based on the following

  • several factors such as size
  • Number of employees
  • scope of certification
  • Number of sites etc.,