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    ISO Certification in Kolkata

    ISO certification can provide credibility to businesses and help market products internationally. ISO certification is a globally accepted certification for establishing the management system performance of your organization. This certification gives confidence to the customer to place trust in your business processes. Also, this certification enhances the reputation of your business and lets you set a place in the business market.

    About EAS

    EAS is one of the top-searched ISO certification bodies in Kolkata, famous for offering management system certification against the popular ISO standards. We are JAS-ANZ accredited certification body, approved for auditing and issuing the ISO management system certifications.

    Types of ISO Certification in Kolkata Offered by EAS

    Top Clients from Various Industry Sectors for ISO Certification in Kolkata

    Regardless of size, type, or field of activity, EAS guides organizations to achieve ISO certification in Kolkata. We cater to a variety of clients from the following industries:

    • Manufacturing Sector
    • Construction Sector
    • Educational Organizations
    • Financial Institutions
    • Healthcare
    • Service Organizations
    • Government Organizations

    Steps to Get ISO Certification in Kolkata

    1. Call or e-mail EAS with the completed application form.
    2. EAS will review your application and send a quotation.
    3. Agree to the terms and conditions and sign the contract.
    4. Stage 1 Audit – EAS will conduct a preliminary audit to understand your organization and to review all documentation.
    5. Stage 2 Audit – The final certification audit will be conducted by our professional auditors to verify the effectiveness of your organization’s management system against the ISO standard.
    6. Get ISO Certified – Upon successful completion of both audits and non-conformity closure (if applicable), EAS will grant ISO certification to your organization.

    Online ISO Certification in Kolkata

    EAS also offers ISO certification services online. We provide an online platform where you can apply for ISO certification in Kolkata and get your management system certified against ISO standards. Our auditors will conduct the audit remotely through video conferencing software. We offer ISO certification services online at a discounted price.

    How to Check the Validity of Certificates Issued by EAS

    An organization can check the authenticity, status, and validity of certificates issued by EAS by visiting the certificate search portal. Organizations can enter the certificate number and country of certification and verify the status. If you are still unable to verify the certificate provided by EAS in Kolkata, please send us a copy of the certificate to info@iasiso.com.

    Transfer of ISO Certification in Kolkata

    If you are currently holding an ISO Certificate from other certification bodies under IAF, you can transfer the certification to EAS with JAS-ANZ accreditation at any point in time with 100% validity.

    Cost of ISO Certification in Kolkata

    The cost of ISO certification in Kolkata varies depending on the size, number of locations, scope of activities, and quantity of ISO certificates required by the company. ISO certification in Kolkata might be more expensive for large firms or who have international operations. Contact us today for a free quotation!

    Time Required to get ISO Certification in Kolkata

    ISO certification normally takes three to four months. However, if your company has a management system in place and has all the applicable documentation ready to go, then EAS can provide audits in a matter of days.

    Kindly contact us to know more about the certification process! Mail: enquiry@eascertification.com, Phone: +91 99625 90571

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