Empowering Assurance System (EAS) offers ISO 29001 certification and training for petrochemical, petroleum and natural gas industries.

This certification ensures a quality management system for service and product supply of your organization.

This document also enhances skills to perform second party auditing for suppliers and also for third party certification purposes.

ISO 29001 is available for use by service providers to the petrochemical industry and manufactures of oil and gas industry.

EAS has a long term involvement in the energy management for oil and gas industries and this makes EAS a preferred choice for ISO 29001 certification.

ISO 29001 Certification benefits organizations which are involved in pipelines, transportation, production, and refining of natural gas and petroleum products.


  • To provide operational, support and technical services to the oil and gas industries.
  • For regular assessment and better communication leads to continual improvement.
  • To streamline your processes to reduce waste and improve quality.
  • To improve the way you handle the risk and increases performance.
  • To demonstrate your participation to industry best practice to stakeholders.
  • To gain your authorization to trade to upsurge prospects and contracts.

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