ISO Certification in Chennai

EAS offers ISO certification in Chennai to many clients across a variety of industry sectors. We understand the major business issues, and our well-organized audits and management system certifications can assist you in overcoming those obstacles and enhancing your performance. EAS is one of the most trusted ISO Certification bodies in Chennai that provides quality services to its loyal customer base.

Organizations having ISO Certification in Chennai facilitates customers to develop trust and reliance on them. It enables the business in gaining a competitive advantage and attaining its goals. The goal of any business is to increase sales, and ISO certification is an important part of getting new business and expanding sales. EAS provides ISO certifications for various ISO standards to many organizations across the globe.

ISO Certification in Chennai for ISO 9001

Regardless of the size of the company, a quality management system (QMS) can help an organization reach its objectives and aims by recording the method, strategy, and authority needed to acquire quality policies. The certification helps to open your business to overseas markets and also helps to impress overseas clients with its quality products and services. ISO 9001 Certification by EAS ensures that the current strategy of your organization meets the minimum requirements of the international standard, and also ensures that is it capable of effectively enhancing the constant productivity of the business.


  • Universally recognized standard
  • Improved business and customer satisfaction
  • Employee retention
  • Improved productivity and performances of the organization
  • Scope for continuous improvement
  • Helps to maintain strong leadership

ISO Certification in Chennai for ISO 27001 ISMS (Information Security Management System)

ISMS is an international standard that assists you in identifying the threat or breach that could harm your organization’s personal information or data, as well as putting in place effective steps to mitigate or remove those risks. The ISO 27001 certification is all about having a methodical approach to managing and securing a company’s sensitive data. ISO 27001 certification by EAS provides a certification strategy that aids to make you understand the latest ISO 27001 standards.


  • Identify and control risks
  • Intensify an organization’s reputation
  • Maintain the brand image
  • Eliminates financial losses due to information breach
  • Helps to gain customer trust

ISO Certification in Chennai for ISO 14001

The goal of ISO 14001 certification is to reduce the quantity of waste created by the company while also minimizing environmental contamination. The assurance that environmental impacts are being measured and corrected is provided by EMS certification to the administration, staff, and consumers. ISO 14001 Certification by EAS provides a certification strategy that aids to make you understand the latest ISO 14001 standards.


  • Improved compliance with current regulatory requirements
  • Maintain company reputation
  • Helps to improve customer satisfaction and confidence through tactical communication
  • Assures management and employees
  • Achieve industry association requirements

ISO Certification in Chennai for ISO 22000 (Food Safety Management System)

ISO 22000 certification includes all the necessary measures for ensuring food safety in the entire food chain. Experts from the food sector create the FSMS standards. FSMS certification is relevant to everyone in the food chain industry, regardless of size or sector. EAS performs FSMS audits and grants ISO 22000 certification to companies across the globe. EAS auditing is done in a systematic way that removes risks and increases public and customer confidence.


  • Reduces the production of low-quality food and thereby reduces health risks
  • Provides food safety
  • Maintain trust by the public
  • Improves risk management
  • Raises safety awareness within the organization
  • Maintain product sustainability

ISO Certification in Chennai for ISO 50001 (Energy Management System)

ISO 50001 Certification aids to initiate the reduction of energy intensity of an organization, thereby promoting energy savings and helps to maintain low cost. Irrespective of the size and sector, EMS certification applies to all types of organizations. EAS provides ISO 50001 Certification to help organizations control the intensity of their energy consumption. EAS is one of the few ISO certification bodies that provide energy management certification.


  • Reduces energy expense and improves profitability
  • Develop a strategic approach to identify, control and maintain energy consumption
  • Increase the reputation of the organization among customers and public
  • Develop energy-saving awareness in the organization
  • Continual improvement of energy management

ISO Certification in Chennai for ISO 45001 OHSMS (Occupational Health and Safety Management System)

ISO 45001 certification assists in implementing the necessary procedures to prevent hazardous events in the workplace. The Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OHSMS) establishes an organization’s commitment to providing a safe working environment for employees and visitors. The objective is to reduce workplace injuries, as well as environmental and equipment loss or damage. EAS provides ISO 45001 Certification and our comprehensive approach assists in achieving all of the safety measures essential to reduce workplace accidents and injuries.


  • Improved health protection of employees
  • Enhanced reputation
  • Reduced workplace accidents
  • Ability to meet regulatory requirements
  • Helps to develop a safe and healthy work environment
  • Helps to maintain unnecessary expense by reducing workplace accidents
  • Helps to achieve employee satisfaction

Why Choose EAS for ISO Certification in Chennai?

EAS has 2 decades of expertise and is one of the popular ISO Certification bodies in Chennai. Due to our local presence, transparent and cost-effective service, coverage of a wide range of certified schemes, and effective and efficient service, EAS has earned the trust of clients among the many ISO Certification bodies in Chennai. Due to the high density of the manufacturing industry and the rising service sectors in India, ISO Certification in Chennai has become more important. EAS is the favorite among the ISO Certification bodies in Chennai and has provided ISO certification in Chennai to many of its valuable clients.

EAS has expanded its services of online for ISO Certification in Chennai. For additional information, please check ISO Certification online.

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