ISO Field and Opportunity in India

There is a huge opportunity for ISO auditors in India. The reason being a large number of companies going for international benchmarking and international standards to improve their product quality and production efficiency. ISO certification plays an important role in maintaining quality standards and also helps in increasing customer satisfaction by providing them with a good product.

How does ISO help to maintain quality standards? How does ISO help to improve customer satisfaction? How does it increase production efficiency and many other questions come into mind while thinking about ISO certification? Hence, in order to tackle all such queries related to international standards effective implementation and maintenance, the ISO auditor course is the only option for people who work as quality control officers and want to pursue a career as an ISO auditor.

The ISO certification is of many types viz. The iso 9000 families, Food safety management systems (ISO 22000), Energy Management (ISO 50001), Banking and finance industry (ISO 20000), Information Security Management (ISO 27001) to name a few. How can the field of ISO auditors in India be explained? How large is the market for ISO auditors? How much can you earn as an ISO auditor in India? How can I become an ISO auditor in India? These questions are answered below.

But first, it is important to know How does ISO works? 

ISO Organization is an International organization that publishes international standards. It does not control the certification part. 

Accreditation Bodies

The accreditation bodies, generally part of the government or independent body control the certification part. 

Certification Bodies

Certification bodies operate under the license of Accreditation bodies recruit ISO auditors to conduct third-party ISO audit and certifications.

Process of becoming a certified auditor:

Any person has a right to become certified.

Step 1: The auditor should be registered with a certification body or accredited registrar.

Step 2: If required by the auditor, he/she can undergo training from the organization that provides such ISO training such as EAS, DNV, SGS, etc which is accredited by IRCA (International Registrar of Certificated Auditors).

Step3: The training will help in strengthening the auditor’s knowledge of ISO standards, gain audit perspective of the standard, ISO audit procedure as per ISO 17021, and auditors qualification and competence as per 19011 auditing guidelines. 

Step4: Apply to any third-party certification Agencies for becoming a certified third-party auditor. Certification body evaluates an ISO auditor applicant based on the following:

  1. Educational Qualification 
  2. Experience in the relevant fields and the position handled. 
  3. Lead Auditor Qualification 
  4. Other Auditor abilities such as communication, traveling abilities, decision making, computer skills, diplomatic skills, etc., 

Step5: ISO Auditors have to undergo two tests as per ISO 17021-1. The first test is to check the fundamental knowledge, standard terminologies, audit terminologies, documentation for which you what to become an auditor. 

Second, sector-specific exam as per ANZI/NACE code. This test is to verify your depth of knowledge about the industrial practices, legal requirements, quality criteria, application of ISO standards in that area etc., The type and length of examination defers from Certification Body to Certification Body.

Step 6: Once selected, auditors will be provided with the Certification bodies procedures and the audits through the classroom and allowing you to the group along with the senior auditor team as ‘observers’

Role of Education and Past Experience:

As per the recent ISO 17021-1, auditors performing audits should have sector-specific qualifications and relevant experience for all High-risk categories. So your qualification gains more importance. Previous experience in any managerial position gains more importance. 

Salary for ISO Auditors

ISOs working as auditors generally earn from 20000 Rs. to 1,40,000 Rs. per month depending on their experience, schemes handled, etc.,

To become an auditor in India. Contact EAS.

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