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    ISO Lead Auditor Course in Chennai

    There are very few organizations offering the CQI-IRCA approved ISO Lead Auditor course in Chennai. EAS is a pioneer among all such ISO training bodies, providing the ISO Lead Auditor Training course in Chennai against six of the most popular ISO standards. Candidates are taking up the Lead Auditor Course in Chennai to enrich their careers. Organizations are also seeking ISO lead auditor training certification for their employees for assistance in implementing ISO management systems.

    Delivery of the ISO Lead Auditor Course in Chennai

    • ISO Lead Auditor courses in Chennai are conducted as full-time courses, for 5 continuous days (40 hours) as a public open program.
    • EAS also offers a weekend course schedule for candidates that are working professionals.
    • If the numbers of participants are more than six from a single organization, we may conduct ISO Lead Auditor course in the organization’s facility itself, exclusively for its employees. Other modes include classroom training and virtual tutor-led classes through Zoom meetings.

    Who Can Enroll in the ISO Lead Auditor Course in Chennai?

    Any Individual with prior ISO system knowledge can take up the lead auditor course in Chennai. No educational or age limits are required. However, the following pre-requisites are recommended:

    • Knowledge of ISO standard terms and definitions
    • Organizational knowledge of applying ISO standards
    • PDCA cycle and how to apply it for ISO standard implementation
    • Basic auditing principles

    Candidates who do not have the pre-requisite knowledge to attend a lead auditor course can enroll in an ISO Internal Auditor Course to be automatically eligible.

    Benefits of Taking the ISO Lead Auditor Course in Chennai:

    • First of all, you can obtain an internationally renowned IRCA ISO Lead Auditor Certificate. As a result, it opens up a load of career opportunities on a global scale.
    • The skills and knowledge you gain in this course will help you perform better in in planning, implementation, and auditing a management system.
    • Ability to lead an audit team and move up in ranks within an organization.
    • EAS is one of the very few organizations that conducts the lead auditor course in Chennai with a success rate of over 90%.
    • The course is prepared and conducted by real-time auditors who have more than 15 years of experience in a variety of industry sectors.
    • Above all, simple and transparent course material makes it easy to understand.

    What Does the ISO Lead Auditor Course in Chennai Cover?

    All ISO Lead Auditor courses follow and fulfill the CQI-IRCA criteria. The course covers the entire activities performed in a third-party certification audit for any management system standard.

    (i) The topics covered are:

    • Overview of the Management System Standard
    • Review of standard requirements
    • Fundamentals of audits
    • Auditor roles, responsibilities, knowledge, and skills
    • Audit Overview
    • Planning an ISO Management System audit
    • Performing the audit
    • Preparing an Audit Report
    • Following up an audit.

    (ii) Criteria for successful completion of ISO Lead Auditor Course in Chennai

    • Candidate should score a minimum of 70% on the continuous assessment carried out by the tutor.
    • Above all, the candidates should score a minimum of 63 marks out of 90 in the Final IRCA examination conducted on the 5thday of the course.

    Procedure for Taking the ISO Lead Auditor Course in Chennai Through EAS

    • Choose a schedule that suits you by checking the ongoing schedule for ISO Lead Auditor Courses in Chennai from this link.
    • Download the application form and send the completed form through the e-mail at [email protected].
    • Complete the payment in the online portal.
    • Collect the course materials from the EAS office to read and be prepared for the course.

    Why EAS for ISO Lead Auditor Training in Chennai?

    Empowering Assurance Systems Pvt Ltd (EAS) conducts ISO Lead Auditor Training in Chennai for various ISO standards.

    Because of our extensive certification experience spanning more than two decades, we were able to develop a course that fits both the IRCA criteria and the expectations of delegates.

    As a result, the ISO lead auditor training in Chennai has received widespread support from all participants because it is easily accessible by all individuals, allowing students from all socioeconomic backgrounds to participate. Furthermore, the courses are designed to cover all aspects of third-party auditing.

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