What is an ISO Lead Auditor Course?

Lead Auditor courses focus on giving individuals or companies the knowledge and skills required to conduct an external audit of an ISO compliant management system. In this course, participants learn how to conduct lead audits, create an audit plan, conduct the audit using the standard as a basis for evaluation, report on the results of the audit, and develop corrective action plans.

Importance of the ISO Lead Auditor Course in Kerala

By pursuing an ISO lead auditor course in Kerala, you will gain better job opportunities abroad and build a successful career in the auditing sector. Additionally, you can gain the skills to become an audit team leader after passing any ISO lead auditor course in Kerala. The demand for audit professionals in the quality management sector has increased manifold in Cochin, Ernakulam, and other parts of Kerala with several companies trying to meet the requirement for ISO certified organizations.

Benefits of Doing an ISO Lead Auditor Course in Kerala

The primary benefit of taking up an ISO Lead auditor course in Kerala is that it will improve your career prospects and enhance your auditing abilities. Besides, by doing an ISO lead auditor course in Kerala through EAS, you enjoy the following benefits:

  • Gain expertise in Lead Auditing
  • Become a team leader for conducting external audits of an ISO management system.
  • You will be globally recognized as an IRCA certified Lead auditor after completing this course.
  • You’ll be able to use your experience in this area to improve your effectiveness as a middle or top manager in planning, implementation, and auditing of a management system.

Topics Covered in ISO Lead Auditor Course in Kerala

  • Overview of the Management System Standard
  • Standard requirements are reviewed
  • The fundamentals of audits
  • Roles and responsibilities of the auditor, as well as their knowledge, skills, and understanding of audit activities
  • Overview of the Audit function
  • Organizing an audit of management systems
  • Performing, preparing, and following up on an audit
  • Non-conformity reporting

Who Can Take up the ISO Lead Auditor Course in Kerala?

Individuals with prior ISO system knowledge can enroll for the ISO lead auditor course in Kerala. There are no educational prerequisites required. Individuals who have completed an ISO Internal Auditor program will be automatically eligible to apply for this course. The following pre-requisites are recommended before applying:

  • Knowledge of the PDCA cycle and how it is implemented in the ISO standards
  • Organizational knowledge of ISO management system implementation
  • General understanding of ISO terminology
  • Auditing principles

Criteria for Successful Completion of ISO Lead Auditor Course in Kerala

  • Candidates must attain a minimum 70% on the continuous assessment activities throughout the course.
  • Above all, the candidates must obtain a minimum of 63 out of 90 points on the IRCA final exam, which is held on the last day of the course.

Delivery of the Course

  • EAS offers ISO lead auditor courses as a full-time program lasting 5 days (40 hours).
  • Candidates may also enroll in a weekend course schedule. This is beneficial for working professionals who may not be able to attend a class during the weekdays.
  • ISO Lead Auditor training may be given in-house, exclusively for the staff of a single organization, if the numbers of participants are more than six. Other options include classroom instruction and virtual tutor-led classes through Zoom meeting.

Procedure for Taking up ISO Lead Auditor Course Through EAS

  • Choose a schedule that suits you by checking the ongoing schedule.
  • Download the application form, fill in the details and submit it by e-mail to enquiry@eascertification.com. If you have any questions regarding the course, please contact our training coordinator.
  • Complete the payment in the online portal.
  • Collect the course materials from the EAS office to study and prepare for the exam.

Why Choose EAS for ISO Lead Auditor Course in Kerala?

Empowering Assurance Systems Pvt Ltd (EAS) conducts ISO Lead Auditor Training globally for many popular ISO standards. EAS has been offering its ISO services since 2006 and has vast experience in ISO certifications and training.

Due to our long-standing experience with IRCA accreditation, we were able to develop a course that meets the IRCA standards and fulfills client expectations. As a result, our training has received wide approval from participants since it is simple to grasp and thus aids students of all levels in completing the curriculum. Furthermore, the courses are tailored to cover all third-party auditing operations.

For any queries related to ISO lead auditor course in Kerala, kindly contact us.

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