ISO 14001 Lead Auditor Course in Dubai By EAS

An ISO 14001 Lead Auditor course is designed to train professionals on the best practices involved in conducting external audits of an Environmental Management System (EMS). A quality EMS is a key component of any organization’s environmental policy, and its effectiveness can be measured by obtaining high-quality certification from a third party.

Importance of an ISO 14001 Lead Auditor Course in Dubai

Dubai is amongst the most popular cities in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and it presents many opportunities for new businesses to emerge. By pursuing an ISO 14001 Lead Auditor course in Dubai, individuals can gain the knowledge to assist organizations obtain ISO 14001 certification through a series of external audits. This helps organizations establish a culture of continuous improvement that supports environmental protection through the use of sound practices, policies, and objectives. With the right certification, individuals can become better positioned in the competitive job market.

Benefits of Doing ISO 14001 Lead Auditor Course in Dubai

Those who take an ISO 14001 Lead Auditor course in Dubai can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Learning how to implement and manage an effective environmental management system
  • Recognition of one’s competency as an IRCA lead auditor
  • The ability to carry out audits efficiently, effectively, within budget, and without delays
  • Increased confidence in one’s ability to lead audits
  • An authoritative figure that others can look up to
  • Capacity-building for the entire team

Who Can Take an ISO 14001 Lead Auditor Course in Dubai?

An ISO 14001 Lead Auditor course is available to professionals that are interested in learning how to conduct an external audit of an environmental management system according to ISO 14001 requirements. This includes:

  • EMS Managers and officers
  • Environmental engineers
  • Internal auditors for EMS
  • Consultants and management system specialists
  • Personnel in charge of keeping up to date on environmental legal requirements
  • Anyone who wants to learn more about the environmental management system should attend.

If you don’t have much knowledge about this standard, we will recommend you take our ISO 14001 Internal auditor course first.

Learning Objectives of Our ISO 14001 Lead Auditor Course in Dubai

EAS offers an ISO 14001 Lead Auditor course in Dubai consisting of a variety of topics including how to:

  1. Evaluate an organization’s compliance with environmental standards
  2. Carry out efficient, effective, and impartial external audits
  3. Continuously improve an organization’s EMS through proper documentation and management engagement
  4. Enhance one’s managerial skills and competency as an effective auditor.

Course Duration and Delivery Methods

EAS conducts the ISO 14001 lead auditor course in Dubai as a full-time course for 5 days (40 hours) and offers both continuous and weekend-based courses.

In-house training, classroom teaching, and virtual tutor-led classes are among the three training delivery options offered by EAS. The online ISO 14001 lead auditor course in Dubai conducted by EAS will be conducted through tutor-led classrooms Zoom meetings. Our expert lead auditors will give lectures to assist and prepare you for the IRCA examination that will take place on the final day of the program.

To obtain this internationally recognized professional credential, students must score at least 70% on the exam.

How To Apply for ISO 14001 Lead Auditor Course in Abu Dhabi Through EAS?

  • First, find a suitable course schedule by going to this link.
  • Download and fill-up the application form and email it to us at [email protected].
  • Complete the payment in the online portal.
  • If you’d like to learn more about the course, please contact our training coordinator.

Why Choose EAS for ISO 14001 Lead Auditor Course in Dubai?

Empowering Assurance Systems (EAS) is one of India’s most experienced ISO certification bodies, with over 20 years of expertise providing ISO services to individuals all around the world. EAS offers lead auditor training in Dubai for ISO 14001 to help employees gain the necessary skills and knowledge to conduct first, second, and third-party audits of an ISO management system. EAS is an IRCA-CQI approved certification body for ISO lead auditor training.

For any queries related to ISO 14001 lead auditor course in Dubai, kindly contact us to know more about the training program!

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