IRCA ISO Lead Auditor Examination

“ISO lead auditor training gives you the power to become a lead auditor”


Boost your existing auditing skills! Enhance your knowledge to conduct a full audit! Develop your confidence to guide the management team of your own organization! Become the leader of your organization’s auditing team by successfully completing the ISO lead auditor training course.

What is ISO lead auditor training?

Want to promote your auditing knowledge and skills? Looking for an effective course to understand everything about your desired management system? Are you hiding behind the bars because of lack of auditing skills? Then no more hiding! Gear up your auditing career with the ISO lead auditor training. It provides you everything that you need to conduct a full audit of the management system against any ISO standard. It helps you understand the requirements of the ISO standard and its clauses and key concepts of the management system to plan, conduct, and manage a proficient third party audit. On the successful completion of this lead auditor training, you can able to take audit report, write corrective actions and provide follow-up procedures for the effective implementation of the management system. However, the ISO lead auditor training helps the candidates to become a successful ISO lead auditor.

What is the importance of IRCA ISO lead auditor examination?

International Register of Certificated Auditors (IRCA) is the globally recognized certification body for auditors and management system. IRCA certified ISO lead auditor training provides delegates the confidence to perform management system audits at any organization. On the successful completion of ISO lead auditor examination, the delegates can get their name registered in the CQI-IRCA registry as a lead auditor. To put it in simple words, the delegates are qualified to conduct an external audit at any organization globally. The IRCA approved training promotes your profile internationally. So, be aware! Before you choosing any ISO training body make sure their providing IRCA accredited ISO lead auditor training course.

What is Specimen Question Paper?

A specimen question paper is a sample question paper with answers. It is model question paper that will be provided for the delegates in training program with other course materials. This specimen question paper includes everything that a candidate should know before participating the final examination such as how many sections that test includes, how much mark will be provided for each question in each section. It will surely help to reduce the stress about what kind of questions will be provided and also helps the delegates in the preparation of the final examination. Moreover, the specimen question paper is like a guide that helps the delegates to crack the exam confidently.

Understand the structure of ISO lead auditor examination

Be ready to score high in the ISO lead auditor written examination! It is normal for a person to be aware about the exam pattern before taking the examination. The ISO lead auditor training is a 5 days training program. The written examination will be conducted for 2 hours at the 5th day of the training program. The medium of the questions will be in English. So, it is simple, no more pressure! Enjoy your learning, crack the examination and become a recognized lead auditor!

How pass mark is determined?

To evaluate the knowledge of the delegates, there is a written examination which will be conducted at the end of the training program. The duration of the exam is two hours. The question paper includes 4 sections.

SectionPass markMaximum


The minimum score to pass in the lead auditor examination is 63. But, don’t worry! Your expertise knowledge about the ISO standard and preservation is enough to score high in this lead auditor examination.

Other points to cover before taking the exam

  • Plan your schedule! Make sure you have chosen the right course that satisfies all your needs and it doesn’t interrupt your regular schedule. Choose the time to prepare for the examination.
  • Be attentive in the training session. Make your own notes to understand the concepts clearly.
  • Don’t miss out any frequent assessments or exercise in the training.
  • Clarify your doubts then and there.

Things to do while writing the exam

  • Read and understand the questions well
  • Doesn’t simply copy the standard in the answer sheet instead write in your own words.
  • Make sure you have understood the scenario concept questions clearly
  • There will be 4 sections. Choose the section in which you have wide knowledge and provide answer accordingly
  • Attend all the questions as there are no negative marks.
  • Give very crisp answer for section1. Marks are awarded for the exact phrases or wordings/sentences conveying the meaning are sufficient.
  • In section 2 you will have questions about Auditor attribute and Audit planning based on ISO 19011.
  • In section 3 one will be in the area asking you to write the “Checkpoints” for a given management process. Give ten checkpoints as Questions you would ask towards Auditee  with appropriate “clause number” and possible “record evidence”
  • In section 4, you are supposed to choose “NC” or “Not an NC”. If you are not sure whether the given situation is an NC, better write “Not an NC” option which will help you to fetch up to 7 marks even if the answer is NC…
  • In section 4, If you write “NC” for a situation which is “Not an NC”, you will get “0” marks.

Common mistakes done by the Candidates:

Don’t repeat! Here are some of the common mistakes that candidates do in the examination.

  • Don’t copy the standard. Provide answer with what you have understood in the standard.
  • Stop copying the content in the materials provided in the examination.
  • Provide brief answers for 2 mark questions. Don’t elaborate it. There will be no mark provided for your long description.
  • Don’t be tensed. Choose the non-conformities and answer it in the right part.
  • Handwriting helps convey your answers to the evaluators. Even though you have written the answers correct, because your poor handwriting there may be a chance to loss the mark. So, don’t you give any chance to the evaluator! Write well, score high!
  • Last but not least! Do remember to write your name in the answer sheet.

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